General information on COVID-19 for those travelling to Portugal or Belgium.

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In case of emergency you can contact The Foreign Affairs Crisis Center can be reached by phone on 02/5014000 from 9.00am to 8.00pm.

We emphasize that this number is strictly reserved for emergency situations abroad. For any question on measures taken against the coronavirus in Belgium, connect to or call 0800/14689

The Embassy and General Consulate will only process appointments on request until further notice.


For information regarding the Coronavirus in Portugal, we advise you to consult the website of the « Direçao Geral da Saude », or read the recommendations of the  World Health Organisation”

The Website EstamosOn  was especially created by the Portugees Government to answer the most frequently asked questions for Portugal, as well as a list of contacts various official entities, various entities which you can contact regarding the COVID-19 / coronavirus.

You can also consult the website of the Belgian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (travel advise only available in Dutch or French) COVID-19 | Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs ( or COVID-19 | Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs (

You think that  you are contaminated with the Coronavirus?

  • The Portuguese authorities have opened two helplines available 24/24h: 808 24 24 24 (for the general public, with the possibility of choice between Portuguese and English)
  • In case the infection is confirmed you will be redirected to the following number: 300 015 015 ( only for medical staff)

“Re-Open Europa”, website launched by the European Union. 

  • The European Union has launched a website “Re-Open Europa”, regarding the reopening of the borders of the member states; per destination it is possible to check what is authorized and what isn’t: (The European Commission asks the public and the member states to give them feedback in order to improve the website – and the phone app – in the future.)
  • The Portuguese authorities, through the institute “Alto Comissariado para as Migrações (ACM)”, offers a telephonic translation service (Serviço de Tradução Telefónica: STT), to help citizens who don’t master the Portuguese language, in their contacts with different services / authorities in Portugal. The service is free of charge, only the cost of the phone call has to be paid. To access this service, please call the following phone number: 808 257 257 (landline) or +351 21 810 61 91 (mobile phone or from abroad). For more information:

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A União Europeia edita o Site Web "Re-Open Europa".

  • A União Europeia editou um site web “Re-Open Europa”, sobre a reabertura das fronteiras dos países membros ; consoante o destino, é possível consultar o que é ou não autorizado: (A Comissão Europeia solicita os comentários dos cidadãos e dos países membros com vista a ajudá-los a melhorar est site – e também a aplicação para Smartphones – no futuro).
  • As autoridades portuguesas, através do instituto “Alto Comissariado para as Migrações (ACM)”, fornecem um serviço de tradução telefónica (Serviço de Tradução Telefónica: STT) com vista a ajudar os cidadãos que não falam português aquando dos contatos realizados com os diversos serviços/autoridades em Portugal. Este serviço é gratuito, apenas o custo da chamada telefónica é cobrado. Poderá ter acesso a esse serviço através do seguinte número de telefone: 808 257 257 (a partir de um telefone fixo) ou +351 21 810 61 91 (de um telemóvel ou a partir do estrangeiro). Para mais informações: